Legenda Pięciu Kręgów – Disciples of the Void


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„Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Disciples of the Void, a Phoenix Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Somewhere between a Dynasty Pack and the Deluxe Expansions found in our other Living Card Games™, this clan pack contains 78 new cards (three copies each of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards). Primarily focusing on the Phoenix Clan, Disciples of the Void features a different spell for every element, a bevy of Shugenja with powerful effects, a new role card, the highest costed character in the game, and much more.”

Uwaga: Gra w wersji angielskiej.

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Waga0.5 kg
Wymiary16.5 × 11 × 2.5 cm


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